Trance of Noiz


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01 Matrix Mussorgsky [Andi Steirer/Rens Newland]
02 Hongkong Tavern [Andi Steirer]
03 Doo X [Andi Steirer/Rens Newland]
04 The Devil and the Nomad [Andi Steirer]
05 Matrix PX [Andi Steirer/Rens Newland]
06 Club Street Doll [Hannes Oberwalder/Rens Newland)
07 Nomad PX [Andi Steirer/Rens Newland]
08 Awake [Hannes Oberwalder/Rens Newland]
09 N.O.W. X – TranceNoiz [Rens Newland/Andi Steirer]
10 Mirror Me! [Rens Newland/Hannes Oberwalder]
11 Pics of a Nightmare [Rens Newland/Andi Steirer]
12 Do Da Doo [Andi Steirer/Rens Newland]
13 Mirror Me PX [Rens Newland /Andi Steirer]
14 Trance of Noiz [Rens Newland /Andi Steirer]

The third solo album of Andi Steirer, the highly gifted and perfect percussion-player/soloist from Austria!
He doesn‘t just play the percussion, he IS percussion! So he also invented the Body-Drumming! Here on this concept album he presents himself as a composer, too. It was recorded and produced by his fellow Ostinato musician Rens Newland. What we get here is 100 percent percussion, full power beats and colourful, diversified music. Meant to dance on or to just listen and dream away. A main influence for these recordings – besides Jazz and Funk – was his affinity with Tech House, which also popped up in his preceding album. The songs are arranged very precisely and feature some saxophones (Thomas Kugi), some alto flutes (Heinz von Hermann), several guitars (Rens Newland) and some high trumpets (Josef Burchartz). Partly the tracks are JUST percussion with underlaid beats, out of a series of percussion works you can also find on his recent EP “Perc House X”. A rich statement of the Austrian master percussionist.

As a very young man, Andi Steirer started to play with the Funk-Jazz group Ostinato (and still does!), followed by an endless number of projects in Pop and Jazz. Since decades he is on tour and playing in the studio with numerous projects: Karl Ratzer, Falco, Fritz Pauer, Ludwig Hirsch (steady band member since 1986), Rainhard Fendrich, Austria 3, Alegre Corrêa, Dorretta Carter, Harri Stojka, Stella Jones, Heinz von Hermann, Cesár Sampson a.m.m.!

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